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100% sourced from Uganda and directly traded, to bring you only the best. This coffee is hand picked and wash processed, and double sorted by hand. The Uganda beans are roasted to a MEDIUM - DARK ROAST producing a clean, bright, fruity flavor set. Earthy, fruity, creamy dark chocolate, and caramel flavor notes are the highlighted flavors one can see in this cup. Our medium-dark roast brings out the creamy caramel taste while still retaining the fruity notes.

Uganda Mt Elgon coffee has been gaining a real following and it ranks right up there with the finest African coffees. While other African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia produce some of the world’s best known and loved coffees, venturing to other borders can produce wonderful results. This Uganda is just such a find. 

Our Coffee is a specialty Uganda Mount Elgon raw green arabica coffee beans from Africa.

This coffee is hand picked and washed processed. It is also double sorted by hand and stored in grain pro bags to ensure freshness and quality with minimal defects.

This coffee is grown in the Mbale District of Uganda. It is grown in elevations from 1350-2100 meters with plenty of natural rainfall per year.

This washed processed coffee is known for its caramel and fruity flavor notes.

Key Characteristics

  • Region: Mbale District of Uganda
  • Optimal altitude, plenty of natural rainfall
  • Elevation: 4400-7000 feet
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Process: Washed 
  • Roasted in Westchester in micro-batches of 5-20 lbs. 

Available in 12 ounce size

Choice of whole bean or custom ground.