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SAMPLE 4 oz. COFFEE | Freshly Roasted | Colombia - Tanzania - Ethiopia | Whole Bean or Ground

Great Way to sample all of our great coffees. Choose any one of the following 4 oz. coffee bag samples from an offering of fferent regions. Our coffee is 100% sourced from the origin country and directly traded, to bring you only the best. 

Item Specifics
  • Countries of Origin
    • Ethiopia
    • Colombia
    • Tanzania
  • Roast Location - Brooklyn or Westchester, New York
  • Batch Run: 25-150 pounds

In addition to the summary below see our notes and descriptions for each coffee origin as listed our Shop.  

Ethiopia  - A Fair Traded bean roasted to a dark roast, producing a medium body, soft with rich chocolaty flavor and medium to low citric acidity.

Tanzania - peaberry size beans that is medium roasted known as an exotic, bright, sharp, clean coffee offering great balance between acidity and sweetness.

Colombia - roasted to a DARK roast producing a well balanced body with mild to medium acidity giving it a sweet, freshly cut cedar and spicy notes. The dark roast finish brings out the chocolate taste.

Choice of whole bean or custom ground.