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RWANDA SHADE GROWN | Fresh Roasted Coffee | Medium - Dark Roast | Whole or Ground | 12 oz or 32 oz

100% sourced from Rwanda, shade grown and directly traded, to bring you only the best. This coffee is hand picked and wash processed, sun-dried, and double sorted by hand. The Rwanda beans are roasted to a MEDIUM - DARK ROAST producing a clean, bright, citric flavor set. Earthy, citrus, creamy dark chocolate, malt are the highlighted flavors one can see in this cup. Our medium-dark roast brings out the creamy chocolate taste while still retaining the fruity notes.

The shade grown coffee is from the Gakenke District of Rwanda at elevations of 5500-7500 feet, with a perfect balance of rainfall per year. In the early 2,000's after enduring a horrific decade of genocide, the government initiated programs to encourage the production of premium specialty coffee beans. With other international aid, Rwandan has carved out a specialty niche of exceptional quality beans with unique characteristics, earning its place at the table of African coffee bean growers.

Key Characteristics

  • Region: Gakenka District of Rwanda
  • Optimal altitude, soil and natural rainfall
  • Elevation: 5500-7500 feet
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Process: Washed and Sun-dried
  • Shade Grown
  • Roasted in Westchester in micro-batches of 5-20 lbs. 

Available in 12 ounce and 32 ounce sizes

Choice of whole bean or custom ground.