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Sourced directly from Costa Rica, the beans are roasted ESPRESSO DARK which highlights the crisp dark chocolate taste while still retaining the floral and sweet- like honey notes.  A nice medium bodied, smooth and creamy cup of coffee with bold brightness.  It starts with the chocolate flavor, hints of a soft fruit note, and finishes with a pleasantly surprising spiciness.  Wonderfully simple but nuanced complexity.

Costa Rica Bean Specifics

  • Country of Origin - Costa Rica
  • Varietal - Caturra, Catuai
  • Region of Origin - San Marcos, Tarrazú. 1200-1800m
  • Place - CoopeTarrazú, a well recognized cooperative located in Tarrazu
  • Farmer - Co-op works with 3,000+ coffee producers who farm in the surrounding communities in the Tarrazú and Leon Cortes regions
  • Roast Location: White Plains, NY
  • Batch Run: 10-25 lbs.

Choice of whole bean or custom ground.