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Our Story

Our coffee journey comes by way of the world of finance, having spent countless hours, with both great success and some doozy failures along the way. Needless to say, drinking coffee at all hours became an imbedded part of that life, perhaps tens of thousands of cups and a great deal of differing types of coffee.
One day, a bright light went off! Why not explore the coffee business! We would for the first time procure and produce an "actual product" instead of pushing "financial paper" around. The idea of coffee really fit the bill. We already were passionate about it, so why not up the ante. We wanted to be a part of the explosive growth of Coffee 3.0 (third wave of coffee) as it continued to create a new wave of discriminating coffee drinkers, albeit, people with more educated expectations. And really, who doesn’t want a good cup of coffee?  So our mission was born.
Well, it’s never quite as easy as it looks. But after extensive education and due diligence, we were born as Pinebrook Coffee Roasters. Our mission is simple. Roasting fresh premium beans in order to produce great coffee.
Why not the niche between mass brands and very expensive boutique coffee? Our coffee is 100% sourced and directly traded. We pick only the best premium beans for our lineup. A portion of the portfolio is dedicated to being certified fair trade and/or organic.
We carefully roast it at either co-facility in Brooklyn or Westchester NY. This allows us to produce freshly roasted exquisite single origin or proprietary blended coffee. Our small batch runs are roasted to a level in order to maximize and enhance the taste of the coffee type and origin. This attention to detail creates an aroma of great tasting coffee. Ask our farmers market customers who repeatedly come back week in to either taste our cold or hot brewed coffee, or purchase from our selection of beans. We hope to be able to provide our coffee at a fair price given the richness and quality that goes into the coffee. 
The best part is, we are learning something new  every day, collaborating with our partners and consumers to constantly improve our efforts and delivery to you. We believe giving you great service and outstanding products will bring you back for more. We want to listen more than we talk, and constantly innovate our brand to better serve. And to further our cause, in the works will be a roast to order and subscription based coffee offering. Stay tuned. 
Welcome onboard. Please feel free to contact us at any time.