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FAQ - Or things you never knew you wanted to know!



You seem to have a great selection, how fresh is the coffee?

As a general rule, our coffees are roasted and sold within 15-25 days of roasting. unlike the big coffee houses and retailers, who because of scale, might be roasting and selling coffee that is considerably older, our process enables the customer to taste freshly roasted coffee within the recommended optimal time. but even if not within the optimal timeframe, our roasted coffee still tastes great for a longer time and you can read the item descriptions to know its expiration date.

What if I want it roasted to order?

Some customers want only a custom roast made for them and shipped immediately. funny you mention that, because we are in the final process of setting up precisely that. for a higher premium (it is of course a higher value item). we will be able to roast to order and ship out within one day of your roast order. stay tuned for our premium roast to order coffee offerings.

How can you offer great fresh coffee at such reasonable prices?

We aren't the cheapest guy in town as it's an expensive proposition to produce high quality coffee from premium sourced coffee beans. but by being more hands-on and being more efficient in what we offer and how we roast, we try to bring to you great coffee at great prices compared to the premium coffee mass and micro seller guys.

What if I don't like your coffee?

It's unlikely, but it might happen every now and then. you can send us back the coffee and we will refund you the full purchase price. but so as to control the process, we do require that at least 75% of the coffee offer is shipped back (if you have used up more than 25% and still feel like you don't want it, we will on a case by case basis consider a refund, discount or future credit). you are responsible for getting the shipment back to us. simply notify us of your refund request, send it back and will refund you. 

What do you do with any info about me? 

We do not sell or transfer to any third party any information that we may have about you. Your info is kept secure and used in our organization, only by those who need to know, in order to perform the intended task of bringing you great coffee.

How big (small) are your batch runs?

We roast in batch sizes of 5-35 pound single roasts. a typical batch run would include between 5-200 pounds per coffee offering at a given roasting session. this enables us to be hands-on and keep the quality of the coffee at a high level. better quality, better taste.    

How fast do you process and ship the order to me?

Typically, we will process your order within 1 business day upon receipt. that means for the most part, we will ship the order out the next day via standard or priority mail. you can therefore expect your order to arrive anywhere from 2-5 days after you paid. 

I have other questions?

We will continue to add more FAQ's as we get more marketplace feedback. in the meantime, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at . we strive to answer your inquiry within 24-48 hours.