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TANZANIA PEABERRY | Pick Your Own Roast Level

Our Tanzanian Peaberry is directly traded, and  roasted to your order producing an exotic, bright, sharp, clean coffee offering great balance between acidity and sweetness. The darker the roast the more the dark chocolate taste comes out while still retaining the cinnamon taste. The lighter the roast the more hints of fruity sweetness comes out. Have it your way.  

Tanzania Bean Specifics
  • Region - Mbeya, Tanzania. Grown in the Mbozi, Mbeya Rural, Ileje, and Rungwe districts.
  • Farmer - Mutwari Coffee (collective of 50 farmer groups). 
  • Process - Washed.
  • Elevation - 1,500 - 2,000 ft.
  • Varietal - Bourbon, Typica.
  • Roast Location - Brooklyn and Westchester, New York
  • Batch Run - Varying roast sizes between 5-25 pounds

Available in 12 oz., 32 oz., and 5 lb. sizes. Choice of whole bean or custom ground.