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COFFEE | SUPER SAMPLER | Six 4 oz. Bags | Guatemala-Honduras-Ethiopia-Nicaraugua-Peru-Tanzania

Great Way to sample all of our coffees. We are offering six (6) 4 oz. coffee bag samplers. Our coffee is 100% sourced from the origin country and directly traded, to bring you only the best. 

Bean Specifics
  • Countries of Origin
    • Guatemala
    • Honduras
    • Ethiopia
    • Nicaragua
    • Peru
    • Tanzania
  • Roast Location - Brooklyn, New York
  • Batch Run - 125-150 pounds

In addition to the summary below see our notes and descriptions for each coffee origin as listed our Shop.  

Ethiopia - a Fair Trade bean roasted to a dark roast, producing a medium body, soft with rich chocolaty flavor and medium to low citric acidity.

Nicaragua -  pulped natural process that is roasted to a medium-dark producing a clean, balanced and nuanced body.

Peru - roasted to a medium dark roast producing a sweetness and fruity taste such as cherry and apricot along with chocolate notes.

Tanzania - medium roast that is known as an exotic, bright, sharp, clean coffee offering great balance between acidity and sweetness.

Guatemala - medium roast producing a well balanced, clean and round body that exudes a floral feel along with milk chocolate and raisin notes.

Honduras - roasted to a medium dark body that is a pleasant mix of orange and sweet chocolate with a creamy body.

 Choice of whole bean or custom ground.