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10 Reasons Why College Kids Should Drink Coffee

by The Pinebrook Team September 19, 2016

reprinted from the and written by Katie Kuch

1. Well first and foremost, it’s GOOD FOR YOU!

There has been extensive research on the health benefits of coffee, and guess what?!? It has been shown that people who drink about one cup of coffee per day lived longer than those who did not consume coffee. Studies have also shown that coffee can improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression!

2. Because you look like a sophisticated BA.

When you walk around with coffee in your hand, for some reason- and I can’t explain why- you just look like you kind of have your life put together. You actually took the time to either 1) make your own coffee or 2) go somewhere to get coffee. If you had the time to do that, you my friend, are killin’ it.

 3. Caffeine is a must in college.

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to stay awake in class! When you’ve been up all night either studying, finishing a paper last minute, or having a Netflix marathon with your roommates, you’re gonna need it the next morning.


4. It smells delicious.

Ah yes, the amazing smell of coffee. The aroma just invades your nostrils and makes you feel all warm inside. Can we just leave it there?



5. People associate coffee with maturity.

I think it goes without saying that if you drink coffee, you are at a certain maturity level where you can now converse with those who have been drinking coffee for decades -- right?!


6. There are so many ways to drink it!

So. Many. Different. Combinations. But seriously though. You can drink it black (if you dare), hot, iced, with your favorite flavor of syrup, as a strong shot of espresso, and so many more!

7. Because like Friends taught us, there’s no better way to bond than over a hot cup of joe.

I mean come on, don’t we all long to have friends like that??


8. It gives us a place to study.

Whether it’s Starbucks, Coffeesmith, Caribou Coffee, or a favorite local coffee shop, they are the ideal study location. Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee, and studying for tests?!


9. Did I mention pastries?!

It’s a thing. When you drink coffee, pastries just seem to fit. And that’s

OK, because pastries are a-ma-zing. Just think…muffins, scones, croissants, breads…

10. And because coffee is just simply pure bliss.

Because who doesn’t like to wake up and have a cup while you’re all curled up in bed? And another on the way to class. And another at 3:00 when you’re dragging. Anyway, you get the point. Coffee is magical, like a hug in a cup.



The Pinebrook Team
The Pinebrook Team


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