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The Future (of Coffee) is Female

by Norman Eisler March 12, 2018

Women are essential to the coffee supply chain – but too often their contributions go unrecognized and unrewarded. Disenfranchisement and gender inequity are perpetuated through a myriad of economic, systemic, and cultural issues (from the insidious to the overt).However, through hard work and persistence, we’re beginning to see a powerful (and empowering) change across the industry. 

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It's Coming - Coffee Grown in the USA Mainland

by The Pinebrook Team February 28, 2018

The California coffee industry is steadily expanding as demand for the domestically grown product shows significant promise.  Last year, Frinj Coffee cooperative sold their entire crop to Blue Bottle Coffee who paid $60 per pound for the beans.  Cups of the coffee cost $18 each, and sold out in less than two weeks in the cafes it was being offered in.

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by The Pinebrook Team February 22, 2018


COFFEE may be precious to you, or indeed a necessity for your daily functioning, but really it’s just information. Legions of genes code for the aroma when you roast and brew the beans, for the flavor when you drink, and for the buzz that gives you the motivation to not just drive straight past the office every morning.

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Coffee Roasting Explained

by The Pinebrook Team December 11, 2017

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