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MALAWI PBC | Fair Trade Peaberry | Fresh Premium DARK ESPRESSO Roasted Coffee Beans | Whole Bean or Ground | 12 oz | 32 oz | 5 lbs

GUATEMALA NUEVO ORIENTE | 100% Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans | Medium Roast | Whole Bean or Ground | 12 oz.

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Caffeine Combats Inflammation-Related Heart Disease

by The Pinebrook Team March 23, 2017

Coffee lovers can quaff to their heart’s content, according to a new study from Stanford University. That’s because the results suggest that coffee may help prevent heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

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5 Things You Didnt Know about Coffee - A Video

by The Pinebrook Team March 14, 2017

A video of some interesting fun facts about coffee. Who knew?

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Coffee Detective Reviews Pinebrook Roasters Malawi Espresso Roast

by The Pinebrook Team February 20, 2017

Of the two bags he sent us, we decided to try the dark roast Malawi peaberry.
How come? Because after looking back through our reviews over the last 10 years, I see we have never reviewed a coffee from Malawi before. So thank you Norman for helping us fill that gap!

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A Glossary of All the Coffee Definitions You Need to Know

by The Pinebrook Team January 16, 2017

This quick Glossary will help all coffee lovers and would be coffee lovers to understand all the terms that are bandied about. A must read for all.

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